Meet Vocal Point


paulPaul first saw the light (musically speaking) as a young Lancashire lad during a game of Name that Hymn! Moving forward, his first dalliance with vocal harmonisation was in the school Beatles tribute band. Paul’s first stab at jazz singing was Mack the Knife, and after performing in the school musical Guys & Dolls, his jazz hands were born! He turned these hands more seriously to singing whilst in Germany, co-founding the gospel band Coloured Rain, singing in Dresden Conservatory’s jazz choir Conference of S(w)ing, and setting up his own jazz trio. After leap-frogging to Ireland via a short spell with the Liverpool Community Choir, Paul is now pursuing his love of vocal harmony in Dublin as a founder member of Vocal Point.


GwenGwen has been singing ever since ……she realised it was lot easier than playing the piano….. After first experiences singing in a blues band and then later a jazz duo, she then decided to ‘grow up’ and get a real job. A decade of that was more than enough to send her hurtling back to music- and has been singing happlily ever since. Gwen has been a member of the Soulfull Gospel Choir since its inception and is a founder member of Vocal Point. She loves the challenge and the cameraderie of being in a vocal group, but most especially the extended arguments regarding using a Csharp versus a C. This is Spinal Tap acapella-style!


RachelRachel’s parents report that from an early age she was a chronic bath crooner and in an attempt to cure sent her to the local Church Choir. However this only made things worse and by the age of 7 Rachel had performed on the stage of the Point Theatre with the Hallelujah choir. After that it was lessons, singing in to the mirror with a hairbrush and most of the lead roles in the National Star Scout Show. There was no going back once she started studying music and performing in choral groups including the Trinity Singers. Chet Baker awakened Rachel’s love of jazz which led her into the warm embrace of jazz acapella. And with a Grade 8 in classical singing Rachel brings some welcome technical expertise and the ability to settle any spinal tap-like musical arguments. Behold the possible birth of jazz-opera fusion!


colmColm made his singing debut at the National Concert Hall, aged eight, singing the masterpiece ‘We Are The Gnomes’. Since becoming a big gnome, Colm has retained his love of music and has trained and sung in various styles. Setting aside his innate desire to sing heavy metal, he has been part of several singing groups including the Dublin Welsh male voice choir, the RTE Philharmonic choir and The Soulful Gospel choir. Colm is a founder member of Vocal Point and relishes the technical and creative challenges that such a small tight knit group offers…just don’t be surprised when the guitar solo starts.